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About van loon cruises

The roots of our in-land shipping family business go all the way back to 1987. In The Netherlands, Van Loon Shipping has grown into a successful company with six inland tankers on the waters – but something else was going on, too. Much like ourselves – co-founders Arjan van Loon and Willeke Sturris – our children Niels, Bart and Jasmijn also fell in love with sailing on the waters. An experience we would like to share with others.

That is the foundation Van Loon Cruises was built on. Offering people another way of finding out what you can see from the water and what you can experience on the shore. Since this is a new adventure for us, it will be an out-of-the-box experience to many people. 

One thing was for certain: we had to have a river cruiser that reflects a different way of doing things – a challenging and ultra-modern ship with a sporty look that would entice people to embark on an adventure.

The Gentleman is a river cruiser that – contrary to other ships – was designed from the inside out. It is fitted with all the luxury any guest could ask for, with a sporty, yacht-like appearance.

We will be adding The Gentleman to our fleet as of 2024 – and we will provide the technical and nautical staff. Depending on the tour operator’s requirements, we can also provide the hotel management.

The Gentleman


Hotel experience on the water

The Gentleman is an exceptional river cruiser. What makes it stand out immediately is Dutch craftsmanship, which provides a modern, yacht-like look and feel, and the high-quality materials it is built from. It makes you feel like taking her out sailing and enjoying some adventures right away.

The floor-to-ceiling windows on the mid and upper decks can be opened – not only to gaze at the gorgeous landscape, but also to literally take in the atmosphere. And let’s not forget the spacious sun deck, which offers plenty of opportunity for relaxation and exercise.

The on-board environment can only be described as pure luxury. Our ship has a spacious and elegant panorama salon, a luxurious lounge at the stern, a stylish restaurant, an elegant hotel front desk, a tour manager desk and a lift that brings you from the lower deck all the way to the upper deck.

Apart from our current relations, we want to reach out to new tour operators who are willing to embark on an adventure with us. Not only for The Gentleman, but also for our future sister vessel.

The Gentleman counts 86 passenger cabins, including 8 suites of 21.5 m² and 39 luxury State room+ of 16.5 m². Our ship has the maximum dimensions for river navigation: a length of 135 meters and a width of 11.45 meters.

Features of the gentleman


The Gentleman streamlined shape is leading, giving the ship an elegant and dynamic yacht appearance. As a passenger you do not have to make any concessions. The set-up is such that you can enjoy every luxury on board.


Our ship has the maximum dimensions for river navigation:
a length of 135 meters and a 
width of 11.45 meters.


The Gentleman counts 86
passenger cabins, including 8 suites of 21.5 m² and 39 luxury state room+ of 16.5 m². 

8 Suites 21,5 m2
39 State rooms+ 16,5 m2
21 State rooms 14 m2
18 State rooms 13 m2

The interior of the cabin and suites are very spacious and practical.
Functionality and sustainability are the starting point in the designs!

Advantages for the tour operator

Van Loon Cruises Suisse AG is a relatively small organization that is always wiling for cooperation. Instead of offering a standard package, we prefer to consult with the tour operator. We are there to customize the perfect cruise experience for every individual. For more information, please contact us.

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